Bigar Waterfalls, Caras Severin County


Bigar Cascade Falls from Caras-Severin County is located in the nature reserve that bears the same name, in Anina Mountains.
The small waterfall called by locals `the wonder of Minis Canyon`, is unique in the world due to the way its water falls. It is situated in Banat, on Minis Valley, at Gura Poneasca, where the road meets the imaginary Parallel 45. You can easily drive fast without seeing this wonder on the roadside.
According to The World Geography publication, the Bigar Cascade Fall from Caras-Severin is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Romania, amazing through its spectacular show of the water spread in thousands of threads on the green moss covered cliff, creating a graceful water veil. Two hundred meters above waterfall there is Izbucul Bigar that springs from a cave.These are certainly unique landscapes.
In addition to Bigar Cascafe Fall the tourists can admire the artificial lake on the Minis Valley, Pestera Buhui (Buhui Cave) and Buhui Lake. They can get accommodation in Anina town or Resita town, the roads being practicable through the year.
Cheile Minisului is one of the most beautiful area from Banatul Montan.

Author: Claudia Cacoveanu 

Translation: Monica Cornea


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