Parcul Nicolae Romanescu – Craiova


The Nicolae Romanescu Park in Craiova, Romania, is the largest and best-known park in the city, and houses its own zoo.

The park was first designed as a garden in 1842 at Ioan Bibescu’s initiative on the estate of the Bibescu family. It was severely damaged during the 1848 revolution, when it was bought by the local administration in order to improve it. The plans were delayed up until nearly half a century later.

In 1899, through the initiative of Nicolae P. Romanescu – the mayor of Craiova at that time, the park was designed by French architect Émile Rendont.

In 1900, the designs for the park won the gold medal at the Paris World Fair. Construction of the park began in 1901, and was completed in 1903. The park, known as Bibescu park, was renamed after Nicolae Romanescu.

In 2004, the park was included on the list of historic monuments of Craiova. It covers an area of 90 hectares, which makes it the largest urban park in Eastern Europe.



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